ISI Diamond Abrasives

THE NEW SHARKS abrasives are truly revolutionary in design. The battle to "contour” concrete substrates with solid metal plates is a challenge yet unanswered until now. The ability to do so with minimal to no tool marks is yet to be duplicated in the industry. ISI's new SHARKS diamond abrasive system finally allows us to have a flexible driver assembly, which moves with the undulations of the floor found in all concrete slabs – and allow a controlled grind to maximize sand/aggregate exposure continuity with NO tool marks.
You can make quick work of exposing a clean Salt N Pepper finish and recover from a single pass with the ISI Water Gloss system, achieving a 1,500 Grit finish in 5 passes. IN2CRETE has retrofitted all of its rental equipment to easily fit all ISIS diamond abrasives, and with one single unit per head, change over is very quick and easy to perform.

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