A unique organic solution which breaks up surface tension and loosens contaminants, while saving up to  30% on labor and diamond abrasive wear.

Crack & Surface Repair Kit

Crack & Surface repair system is a two part (A & B) resinous compound , which effectively repairs non-moving cracks and surface damage using recycled glass spheres and recollected cement dust from grinding activity. The resulting repairs are virtually invisible and polish to a high gloss finish, matching the surrounding floor.

Pore Filler

Pore Filler fills cracks, holes, scratches and hardens the surface all in one. It is a must have to develop the highest quality polished overlayment produc

Diamond Abrasives

Tooling designed to go from a 30/40 Grit metal bond grinding profile to polishing resins with ONE PASS with NO scratch marks!

Color Infusion

A uniquely formulated water soluble dye concentrate with better color depth and retention than solvent based dyes and none of the related hazards. Once dry, COLOR INFUSION is completely water insoluble and will not fade under wet grinding conditions from water application or from the application of water based silicate hardeners.
Color Chart

MaxGloss - Protective Barrier

Absolutely non-film forming – this product does not leave a surface membrane as with acrylic based sacrificial floor finish compounds. It is not a wax.

RHINO Grinder

The RHINO is compact, powerful and heavy duty. Enabling it to be used in all grinding and polishing situations on all floors.